Congratulations to the Latest Board 33 Class of 2023 Entrants

This is the photo of the last applicant class from October. Over the course of the year, Board 33 trained and onboarded 115 new officials; the largest group of new officials in many years. We would not have been able to accomplish this without the assistance of many of our members who give back by acting as trainers/clinicians.

Many thanks to members Casey Thomas, Dick Hecker, Jeff Datillo, Bill Smith, Steve Rubinnacio, Brian Gogerty, John Stanford, Shaun Stephens, Nick Peloso and Gary Sluck.

Best of luck to all of our newest members from our IAABO University coordinator Dennis Allocco!

If you are interested in becoming a referee and joining this elite group of cadets, click here for more information and begin the application process!

2023-24 NFHS / NJSIAA Basketball Rule Changes and Modifications

The 2023-24 season is upon us. As we embark on the new season, please use the PDF link below to review this season's rule changes and NJSIAA modifications.

Good luck to all and have a great season!

NJSIAA Pregame Sportsmanship Anti-Bias Statement - Revised

Effective with the Winter 2021-22 season, the following statement from the NJSIAA must be read before all sanctioned high school games, regardless of level:

The NJSIAA requires officials to enforce all rules regarding unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches and players. There will be no tolerance for any negative behavior, such as taunting, trash-talking and verbal, written, or physical conduct related to race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or religion. Such behavior will result in being ejected from this event. All participants must respect the game, respect the officials, and respect their opponents.