Dominic Cuccinello Award

Each year the awards committee discusses the possibility of someone receiving this award for outstanding service to Board 33.

The criteria that has been established for this award:

  1. The award may not be given annually.
  2. Must be a active board member.
  3. You can only win the award once.
  4. Candidate is nominated for outstanding service to the area of basketball in the community, schools and/or associations and Board 33.
  5. When a candidate is nominated he/she will remain in consideration for three (3) years.

To nominate a candidate for the Cuccinello Award, please follow the procedure outline:

  1. The candidate must be nominated in writing on or before February 1.
  2. Along with the nomination, please include as much background information as possible about your candidate. Please be certain to provide the information required based on the criteria.
  3. Nominations and resume information concerning the candidate must be mailed to Board 33, Awards Chairperson by February 1.


Past Recipients:

1989 Dominic Cuccinello

1990 John Thompson

1991 Felix Addeo

1992 Steve Ricciardi

1993 Robert Kingsley

1994 Ed Wehling

1995 William Maikranz

1996 Leo Spirito

1997 Kevin Cullinan

1998 Angelo Frannicola

1999 Frank ‘Ace’ Molinaro

2000 Kenneth Hand

2001 Walt Rusak

2002 Lee Hendrix

2003 George Weber

2004 Alan Goldberger

2005 Pete DeFranco

2006 Ron Mastrolia

2007 Allan Czaya

2008 Robert Lauterhahn

2009 Jim Stoeckel

2010 Thomas Muir

2011 Renee Ruth

2012 Stephen Rubbinaccio

2013 Brian Lauducci

2014 Robert Riker

2015 Pat Musto

2016 Dennis Murray

2017 Al Taliaferro

2018 Gary Sluck

2019 Bruce Davis

2020 Dick Hecker

2024 Dennis Allocco