Frank C. Corrigan Memorial Award

Each year Board 33 presents the Frank C Corrigan Memorial Award to a distinguished past or present member of Board 33.

The criteria that has been established for this award:

  1. There will be one winner annually.
  2. The candidate must have been an outstanding official.
  3. The candidate must have been a member of Board 33 for a minimum of twenty years.
  4. The candidate’s service to Board 33 is a strong prerequisite.
  5. The candidate cannot be a working official.
  6. A candidate’s community service and activities outside of basketball may be used as a secondary considering factor. However, the primary criteria will revolve around the candidates contribution to basketball and basketball officiating.
  7. When a candidate is nominated, he/she will remain in consideration for a period of five (5) years.

If you wish to nominate a candidate for the Corrigan Award, please follow the procedure outline:

  1. The candidate must be nominated in writing by February 1.
  2. Along with the nomination, please include as much background information as possible about your candidate. Please be certain to provide the information required based on the criteria.
  3. Nominations and resume information concerning the candidate must be mailed by February 1 to the Award Committee Chairperson.

Past Recipients:

1966 Paul Horowitz

1967 Thomas Wachenfeld

1968 Ben Silverman

1969 Vincent Farrell

1970 Ben Carnevale

1971 Harry Burdick

1972 Jerry Bannigan

1973 Dominick Cuccinello

1974 Jerry Molloy

1975 Everet Hebel

1976 William Martin

1977 George Swoyer

1978 Abner West

1979 William A. McDonald

1980 Thomas Della Torre

1981 Nicholas Frannicola

1982 Edward Rochford

1983 Joseph M Burns

1984 Richard Pasch

1985 Austin MacArthur

1986 William Corcoran

1987 Philip Miller Jr.

1988 Frank Cicarell

1989 John Marra

1990 Peter A. Scocca

1991 Leroy Jones

1992 Ron Mastrolia

1993 William Petty

1994 Edgar Cartotto

1995 Russ Beisswanger

1996 Clarence Jones

1997 Bob Sterling

1998 Charles Brown

1999 Robert Kingsley

2000 John Thomson

2001 Felix Addeo

2002 Leo Spirito

2003 Jim Loper

2004 Angelo Frannicola

2005 Kenneth Hand

2006 Alan Goldberger

2007 Arthur McDonald

2008 Edwin Wehling

2009 Bob Lynch

2010 Annette Williams

2011 George Weber

2012 Frank Capraro

2013 Tom Muir

2014 John (Jack) Behnken

2015 Walter Rusak

2016 Timothy Higgins

2017 Al Czaya

2018 Fabiano Alesandro

2019 Dennis Murray

2020 Robert Lauterhahn

2024 Renee Ruth