Please note that as of today, (11-29-23) the NFHS has revised an interpretation regarding a backcourt violation. All backcourt violations will result in a frontcourt throw-in (one of the 4 designated spots).

The example below clarifies the ensuing throw-in spot when a player steps or dribbles on the division line. In this case, the throw-in will take place at the 28' mark. Any other backcourt violation will result in a throw-in at one of the four designated spots closest to where the violation occurred.


A1, while dribbling the ball in team A’s frontcourt, steps on but not over the division line.

RULING: Backcourt violation.

COMMENT: The ball was in team control in the frontcourt and went to the backcourt when A1 contacted the division line. Team B is awarded a possession throw-in in its frontcourt at one of the four designated spots nearest the violation. (9-9-1, 9-9 PENALTY)